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Salsa is a dance and a musical style with deep Caribbean and African roots. The origins of salsa date back to the 1900s in Eastern Cuba, where musical elements and rhythms from various styles were combined. Today's salsa represents a musical genre woven over centuries, its origins in human suffering. The definite rise and jump to fame of salsa happened thanks to Fania Records, a record label established in 1964 by musician Johnny Pacheco and Italian-American lawyer Jerry Masucci. This label became extremely famous, producing one huge hit after another. Many of the famous artists we know today started in "Fania All-Stafrs": Celia Cruz, Héctor Lavoe, Cheo Feliciano, and Rubén Blades, among others. 

Our 60 minute Salsa class always begins with a fun, all-levels warm-up. After our muscles are warm and our mindset is hot, our dedicated and prepared instructors will work with you to build your confidence and improve your dancing! You'll have the chance to dance and meet everyone else as we switch partners regularly, while we practice the different steps and movements. Expect the hour to fly by!

After an hour of instruction, our teachers will review all of the evening’s material and allow participants to film the newly learned Salsa movements.

The Palladium Where Mambo Was King

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