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Sarah Snow, also known as ‘Snowy’, is the founder and owner of Snow Motion Studios. She grew up dancing, but took her first formal dance class — in dancehall — when she was 19. Soon after, Snowy discovered DsantosVT, a community of Afro-Latin dancers in Burlington. In 2011 she joined their performance team, led by Richard Voogt and Tyler Crandall. Later, she was introduced to their mentor and began training in Montréal. Since then, Snowy has performed at dance festivals around the world, including the Boston Salsa Festival, Los Angeles Salsa Festival, Montréal Salsa Convention, Criola Beach Festival, Sensual Dance Symposium, as well as on the Aventura Dance Cruise and more! Snowy has been teaching since 2013, and in December 2017, opened a successful studio in Burlington, Vermont (DsantosVT Studio). There, she offered weekly classes in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Kuduro and held specialty workshops in ladies styling, musicality and more. She is grateful to be able to build a community by sharing her love for dance in an inclusive, fun, and exciting environment. In 2019 she decided to make a change and move to the Netherlands, leaving DsantosVT Studio in the hands of her former dance partner Jon Bacon. Once in The Netherlands Sarah registered her company with the Dutch government. Once the pandemic started, as we all know, life changed and public events weren't allowed. May 2021 Sarah returned to Vermont for the summer and decided to move back. Snowmotion is beyond excited to reinvigorate the dance community and create a space in Burlington where all dancers, all levels of experience, and all ages are welcomed, encouraged, and accepted!



Our mission is to create an inclusive and safe community for the authentic expression of African and Latin dances and the culture in which they thrive. SnowMotion works to build a space that is exciting, uplifting and allows everyone to let go of daily stresses and meet new people! All dancers, all levels of experience and all ages are welcomed, encouraged and accepted!


Brian’s passion is rhythm of movement, joy of connection, and expansive energy in growing the dance community. A late bloomer, he discovered social dancing in his forties and has been hooked ever since. Now he brings his excitement and patient teaching style to our salsa, bachata and kizomba classes. In addition to the dances taught by SnowMotion Studios, Brian dabbles in blues, east and west coast swing, and any other chance to move to music. When not dancing, Brian is a senior project manager at a local architectural firm, published board game designer, and beginner disc golfer.


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Jesse has been a passionate Salsa and Bachata dancer since he started dancing in 2015. He loves sharing his passion for dance with others and helping them develop their skills and confidence while, above all else, having a great time. Jesse's teaching style is fun, engaging, and accessible to all levels of experience. In addition to dancing, Jesse a software engineer and manager at a local Burlington tech company and an avid skier and mountain biker.

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